Benthe Bakx is born in 2000 in The Netherlands and is currently living in Breda. She studied Photography for 4 years at SintLucas. But that’s not when her love for photography started.

Benthe has always been interested in art and photography. When she was 14 she started to take pictures of landscapes and everyday life. Over the years she grew more confident and started taking photos of her friends, classmates and family. 

During her study at sintLucas she learned a lot about finding & perfecting her own style. She discovered her love for black and white photography, classic, timeless beauty and intimacy. At this time she started experimenting more with her images and film photography. 

While studying at SintLucas she interned for a year at Nanda Hagenaars. During this time she learned a lot about herself, photography and life.

Benthe is now an independent photographer and available for hire via the form below or email.




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